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Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Pump

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The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Pump will also allow you to add a shower/tub and a sink to any space that you will be turning into a bathroom. The pump is capable of lifting wastewater to 18 ft and has approximately 150 ft of horizontal run with gravity assist. The heart of the macerator is a .80 horsepower motor that spins a composite impeller to chop and propel the wastewater.

The Thetford macerating pump is capable of a flow rate of 60 gallons per minute. The pump is able to move and disintegrate wastewater up to an 18 foot vertical rise and up to a 150 foot horizontal run. The macerating pump has two additional inputs for a sink (1.5" inlet) and shower/bathtub (2" inlet). The macerating pump has a built-in 1.5" outlet for a vent stack and a 1.25" inch outlet for the wastewater discharge. The unique split case design, allows you to retrieve items that should not have been flushed such as a toy and not have to remove the plumbing.

Macerating toilet pumps allow you to convert any space into a bathroom of your desire. By using a macerating pump and a rear discharge (P-Trap) toilet you will not have to break any concrete, a timely and expensive project to install or renovate a bathroom. The built-in inlets allow you to add both a sink or shower/tub. These toilet kits will flush the savings back into your wallet.

Installation is a breeze with the Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Pump. The macerating pump can be installed up to 36" away from the back of the toilet, as long as there .25" drop per foot leading to the pump.

Install Information

Depending on your choice of toilet the plumbing may vary. The piping and the pump can be concealed in the wall space. The centerline on the toilet input on the Thetford macerator is 7.5". You will have to plan accordingly when installing the pump and roughing in the plumbing. When adding a shower hook up to the macerator, the base of the shower will have to be elevated so that the water will drain into the macerator. This is also true when adding tubs.

Toilet Compatibility

The Thetford Macerating Pump can be used with toilets such as:

  • Kohler Veil Wall Mounted Toilet*
  • Kohler Wall Outlet Toilets, such as the Barrington, Highline Classic, and Wellworth*
  • Kallista Wall Mounted Toilets*
  • American Standard Yorkline*
  • American Standard Glenwall Wall Mount Toilet*
  • Plus Many More Rear Exit or Euro Style Toilets*
  • *Will require some pre-planning when installing the pump. Be sure to dry fit pump when renovating the bathroom space.

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