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Thetford 42819 Anywhere Upflushing Elongated Toilet Macerating Toilet White

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The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Pump and Elongated Toilet Kit is available in two color choices either white  or a bone colored toilet and pump. The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere system kit features a unique macerator that is designed to never clog. At the heart of the macerator is a centrifugal pump with a specially designed blade designed not to clog. The macerator is designed to split in half if you ever need to assess the pumping unit without having to undo the plumbing. The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere system uses a unique bladder system to keep unwanted odors from escaping the toilet system. The bowl of the Thetford Bathroom Anywhere System is compliant with ADA's comfort height toilet seat.

The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere included Elongated Toilet has a powerful, yet economical 1.28-gallon flush and the pump is capable of a flow rate of 60 gallons per minute. The pump is able to move and disintegrate wastewater up to an 18-foot vertical rise and up to a 150-foot horizontal run. The macerating pump has two additional inputs for a sink (1.5" inlet) and shower/bathtub (2" inlet). The macerating pump has a built-in 1.5" outlet for a vent stack and a 1.25" inch outlet for the wastewater discharge.

Macerating toilets allow you to convert any space into a bathroom of your desire. By using a macerating pump and a rear discharge (P-Trap) toilet you will not have to break any concrete, a timely and expensive project to install or renovate a bathroom. The built-in inlets allow you to add both a sink or shower/tub. These toilet kits will flush the savings back into your wallet.

Installation is a breeze with the Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Pump and Elongated Toilet Kit. The macerating pump can be installed up to 36" away from the back of the toilet, as long as there .25" drop per foot leading to the pump. The macerator has a built in manual override button that will allow you to turn on the macerating pump without having to flush the toilet. This is helpful in troubling shooting the system without having to flush the system.

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

What's Included

  • Elongated Rear Discharge Toilet
  • Water Tank
  • Macerating Pump
  • Connection Billows
  • Cover Plate / Blanking Plug
  • Assorted Clamps
  • Fixation Leg

  • Product Specifications

    Power Supply 120V
    Input Ports 3
    Duty Cycle 60 GPM, 18ft lift, 150 ft run
    Frequency 60Hz
    Toilet Material Ceramic
    Flush Type Lever, 1.28 gallon
    Color White or Bone
    Toilet Depth Approx. 26.75 in.
    Bowl Height 17 in.

    How It Works

    how bathroom anywhere works

    Installation Information

    Manual: Thetford Residential Upflushing Toilet System and Macerating Toilet
    Manual: Product Registration
    QB ID: 42819


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    Thetford 42819 Anywhere Upflushing Elongated Toilet Macerating Toilet White