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Bathroom System Uses

  • basement-bath-sample
    The main purpose of the Lift Assure Toilet system is for basement use. While the majority of basements are typically used as storage, oftentimes it gets converted into an extra room, essentially needing its own bathroom. The basement toilet kit includes a macerating system that processes human refuse, and pumping it upwards into the home’s existing waste line. The installation process is simple and very economic.
  • basement-bath-sample
    Full/Half Bathroom
    The Lift Assure toilet system can also be connected to the sink and shower. In this case, the water from both the shower and the sink flow to the grinder then gets pumped into the home's main waste line. Easily install the Lift Assure toilet system while the bathroom is being constructed or renovated. Additionally, having the sink and shower connections to the macerating system reduces the possibility having the toilet overflow.
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    Loft Conversion
    Easily accommodate a bathroom system in a loft without breaking the concrete. Whether the loft serves as an extra room for guests or an entertainment area, make the space even more efficient with a bathroom nearby. By having access to the appropriate piping and ventilation connections, the Lift Assure toilet system can be installed with minimal damage.
  • basement-bath-sample
    Garage Conversion
    In some occasions the garage turns into the perfect workshop area for DIY projects, home improvements, and it can also store the washer and dryer. Effortlessly connect the Lift Assure toilet system to a current or future sink/wash tub, you create a half bath accessible when needed most.
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    Guest House
    Similar to the garage setup, the Lift Assure Toilet System can be installed into a guest house or a stationary RV home with minimal effort. Our toilet system is not limited to just home use, it can also be applied in a commercial setting such as a retail store or restaurant. With the appropriate space and plumbing connections, the possibilities of having an extra bathroom are almost endless.