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Lift Assure American Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit

Product Details

  • You don't need to break the concrete foundation for installation.
  • Powerful enough to pump the shower, sink, and toilet.
  • Family friendly 15 inch height.
  • Built-in 1.5" plumbing.
  • Perfect for tiny houses and RVs, not just basements.
  • Features half flush and full flush buttons.
  • Ability to lift waste water up to 22 feet.

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    The Lift Assure Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit is a cost effective way of converting any space you want into a bathroom. The Lift Assure Macerating Toilet Kits feature a macerator pump that has built in inlets for a sink or tub or shower. The macerating pump is able to lift waste water up to 22 ft and has approximately 200 ft of horizontal run. The heart of the macerator is a .5 horsepower motor that spins a sharpened blade to propel the waste water.The bowl height of the Lift Assure toilet is a family friendly 15 inches high.

    These kits feature a half flush and full flush button located on the top of the tank, a great feature that's both eco-aware and cost effective. The macerating pump is capable of a flow rate of 38 gallons per minute. The pump fully capable of handling a sink and a shower/tub. The built-in 1.5" inputs allow for easy plumbing. The dual flush system built into the Lift Assure Line of Macerating Toilets is a great water saving feature. You will be able to choose how much water is need per flush whether you are flushing solids or liquids. The lids on the Lift Assure Toilets are a nice soft closing hinge that will prolong the life of the lid. The Macerating pump has built-in backflow protection..

    The included macerating pump contains 3 ports; the main port that connects to the discharge pipe, and the two side ports that give you the option to connect a bathing unit and a sink. The system comes with multi-sized inlets complete with pipe clamps. The improved 800 W pump is more powerful and the self-contained grinder/pump/switch makes it easily accessed for maintenance purposes.

    This bathroom system makes a perfect DIY project for homeowners looking to install a bathroom in the basement as well as a variety of other spaces without the need of breaking the concrete or the bank.

    Macerating toilets allow you to convert any space into a bathroom of your desire. By using a macerating pump and a rear discharge (P-Trap) toilet you will not have to break any concrete, a timely and expensive project to install or renovate a bathroom. The built-in inlets allow you to add both a sink or shower/tub. These toilet kits will flush the savings back into your wallet.

    Installation is a breeze with the Lift Assure Macerating Pump and Elongated Toilet Kit. The macerating pump can be installed up to 36" away from the back of the toilet, as long as there .25" drop per foot leading to the pump.

    What's Included

  • Elongated Rear Discharge Toilet
  • Water Tank
  • Macerating Pump
  • Short Discharge Pipe
  • Cover Plate / Blanking Plug
  • Assorted Clamps
  • Fixation Leg

  • Product Specifications

    Power Supply 120V
    Input Ports 3
    Duty Cycle 38 GPM, 22ft lift, 200 ft horizontal run
    .50 HP pump
    Frequency 60Hz
    Toilet Material Ceramic
    Flush Type Button; Dual
    Color White
    Toilet Depth Approx. 29 in.
    Bowl Height 16 in.
    Pump Wattage 800

    How It Works

    The Lift Assure toilet includes a macerator that gets connected to the back of the toilet. Upon pressing the flush button, the water and human refuse makes its way to the macerator, where it gets ground into small particles. The waste particles then get pumped upwards and transferred from the basement to the home's main waste line. In addition, the same process applies if the grinder is connected to the sink and/or shower.

    Installation Information

    Manual: Installation Manual
    QB ID: LAAmericanE